Boss Week

Boss Week!
Posted on 10/19/2017
This is the image for the news article titled Boss Week!Boss week!
What can we say? We teachers at Marlboro School of Discovery love our boss! Even more amazing than she always will be is the fact that the students love her too! Ms. Brianna Quick created a wonderful candy poster for Mrs. Dees. Have a look!
Poster reads as follows:
"Being the best Principal is nothing 
to [ Snicker ] about. Your mind will 
play [ Twix ] on you. Your joints
will begin to [ Crunch ]. You will
have [ Butterfinger ]s. Your [ Whatchacallit ]
won't work. You'll be popping pills
like [ Tic-Tac ]. You'll take a lot of
[ Break ]s to the bathroom. You will 
have [ Zero ] engery. So, 
[ Take 5 ] and have [ mounds ] of 
fun. A [ Hot Tamales ] like you deserves
some [ Extra ] attention durring BOSS WEEK!"